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Frequently Asked Questions


What's included with my rental? ​​

With your UTV rental comes a trailer allowing you to take the machine anywhere.

Is there insurance offered when renting a UTV?

Yes it is provided it has a $5,000 deductible 

What should I wear while renting? 

Great question! Temperatures are always changing in the mountains. We recommend wearing long sleeves and long pants, as well as close-toed shoes. Helmets are required for all passengers while using the machine. Helmets are provided with rental at no cost. 

Is night pick up an option?

Yes! Night pick up is an option depending on availability contact us directly for more info.

Am I responsible for damage to the machine?

Minor scrapes and scratches you are not responsible for. We recognize that stuff happens. Damages you are responsible for.

Do I need to fill up the machines after use? 

Yes. The machines come full of fuel we ask that you return the machine full with 91 octane or ethanol free fuel. A refill fee of $6/gallon will be assigned if it is not brought back fueled.

Do I need to clean off the machines after use? 

Yes a quick spray off of the machines is all that is needed. These is no need to clean that machines past that. If machines are brought back very dirty a $25 cleaning fee will be assigned. More instruction will shared upon rental.  

Where can I take the machines? 

The machines can be taken anywhere. You are allowed to take the machines anywhere on legal off road trails the machines are not insured to be on the road and CANNOT be taken on the road. We recommend to download a map of off road trails in the area you will be using the machine.

What are the pick up and drop off times? 

Pick up and drop off times are from 8am to 5pm If different times are needed that can be set up by phone call.


What size trailer hitch do I need?

Our trailers require a 2 inch ball. If you do not have one, we have them available to rent. 

Please visit for more information on the proper use and safety of these machines 

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